Artificial sand dressed hockey pitch ball roll testing

Here is Matt performing ball roll EN 12234 testing to a recently constructed elite level sand dressed hockey pitch with blue surround run-offs.

This is part of the process we performed in order to certify the pitch in line with the artificial hockey pitch performance requirements of BS EN 15330 – Surfaces designed primarily for hockey.

… the pitch passed with flying colours!

Tennis Court & Playground Slip Resistance Testing

Surface Performance have been  slip testing hard surface tennis courts at an army barracks in Basingstoke along with several school tennis courts in London. Hard surface slippery tennis courts are a common problem at this time of year and slip testing / skid resistance testing is an excellent way to measure how safe the courts actually are.  Slippery tennis courts can have a huge impact on the performance and safety of a hard surface tennis court. In the photograph below, you can see a member of our Surface Performance testing team using a portable skid resistance tester. This is also known as the British Pendulum Tester which is an internationally accepted instrument for assessing the slip or skid resistance of sports surfaces, floors and roads.

Surface Performance also regularly asked to carry out independent slip resistance tests to sports surfaces, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds and walkways.



ISO 4919 tuft withdrawal & EN12230 Testing

A busy day carrying out sample testing in the lab today. Here is Matt doing some carpet tuft withdrawal tests (ISO 4919) & shock pad tensile strength testing (EN 12230)

Tuft Withdrawal ISO 4919 & Carpet tensile strength EN 12230 artificial grass testing @ Surface Performance Ltd

Tuft Withdrawal ISO 4919 & Carpet tensile strength EN 12230 artificial grass testing @ Surface Performance Ltd

Natural Football Pitch Testing @ Chelsea Stamford Bridge

A lovely day to be testing natural sports surfaces this morning at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge…. Hopefully Summer is on its way!!

Natural Turf Football Pitch Testing

Natural Turf Football Pitch Testing

FIFA Round Robin Glasgow 2014

Surface Performance Ltd recently took place in the annual FIFA Round Robin. This is a process that both FIFA accredited laboratories and those laboratories that wish to become FIFA accredited are invited to take place in.

Surface Performance staff members Callum Reid and Matthew Heptonstall both took place in the 2014 FIFA Round Robin in Glasgow. A busy programme of testing was adhered to over three days by all participating laboratories and all FIFA site testing methods were performed at least once.


FIFA Testing Ball

FIFA Testing Ball